Our employees are an important resource and their technical competence and knowledge are fundamental to us in maintaining our competitiveness. We aim to provide our employees with the necessary skills and knowledge relevant to their jobs as well as to improve their work efficiency and effectiveness. Through our training and development programmers for our employees, we hope that our employees can grow together with us.

We are looking for suitable personnel to join us. Applicants are invited to email their detailed resume (giving details of experience, qualifications, current and expected salaries) to

Scaffold Erector

A scaffold erector installs & dismantles scaffolding to provide access to interiors or exteriors of new or existing structures, for constructing, painting, repairing, and maintenance.

Tasks & Duties

A scaffold erector checks the site conditions and install/dismantle scaffolding systems in a safe and orderly manner. The erector is responsible for loading and unloading the scaffolding material from the truck, assembling scaffold components.

Skills & Knowledge

Scaffold Erectors need to be well organized and be able to follow instruction in order to erect scaffolding safely and correctly. They also need to have a good eye for detail and the ability to identify potential hazards such as overhead power lines, fall hazards, etc. Non experienced Scaffold Erectors need to know about erection procedures and safety regulations. They also need to know about scaffolding components and materials, the use and care of equipment and how to interpret building plans and diagrams. Singapore working experience Scaffold Erectors are welcome.

Personal Qualities

Scaffold Erectors must be safety-conscious, careful, responsible, accurate and practical. It is also important that they are accustom to working at heights. Drugs use is prohibited.

Physical Requirements

Scaffold Erectors need to be fit and healthy, and have a good sense of balance. Must be able to work at height.

Job Training

Training is available for the non-experienced. Scaffold Erectors can gain experience and refine their skills on the job and are compensated for their safety and expertise.

Site Supervisor

Job Description

To coordinates and supervises daily activities of quite a number of crews. To continually inspects work site, surveying for potential hazards or safety concerns. To translate general work requirements into a prioritized work plan for the crews. To assign work to employees, based on material or worker requirements of specific jobs. To responsible for Process of Piping & Structure Fabrication & Installation on Site. To read construction drawings (M&E Drawing, Piping Drawing, Structure Drawing, etc.). To take necessary measurements on site to make sure the correct dimension of drawing. To responsible for the safety of the crew. To immediately address any safety issue observed or brought to your attention by anyone. To Monitor the progress of your work against the planned production goals. To immediately address any quality or production issues. To Follow up as and when management assign duties for work.

Position Requirements

High School graduate or any Degree Holder. Minimum (3) years of relevant working experience in relevant project and strong history of fitting & welding. Having over sea working experience will be add advantage. Extensive knowledge of welding practiced for pipe and structural welding. Ability to read piping & structure drawings and interpret specifications for the project. Basic math skills to include geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division of whole numbers and unit conversion. Proficiency in operating all shop equipment, tape measure, calculator, crane, forklift, safety techniques and practices. Demonstrated ability to meet schedules and deadlines. Must possess excellent time management skills. Flexibility to work overtime on a production need basis. Good communication skills & Able to work with team. Must be able to travel around the country. Understand in safety procedure, handling processes, construction methods and procedures.